Bingo's Bounty vegetables for dogs

Farm Fresh Goodness for Your Furry Friends

raw dog food
Bingo’s Bounty is a grain-free, supplemental pre-mix made with the best human grade vegetables for dogs. When combined with meat and healthy fats, Bingo’s Bounty becomes a complete, all natural dog food that is easy to make, nutritious and tasty. You can easily add it to your raw dog food, homemade dog food, high quality kibble or canned diets, giving your dog the nutrition he needs and deserves.

Within these bags you will find an abundant mixture of the best vegetables for dogs, along with herbs specifically added for their digestive properties. Just hold our bag up next to our competitor’s products and see the difference! Our FDA inspected suppliers are based in the USA, and we purchase from them the same vegetables and herbs they manufacture for human consumption to ensure the highest quality of human-grade vegetables for your dog. Bingo’s Bounty is packed with nutrient rich vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making our vegetables a healthy addition to any dogs diet. To learn more about the benefits of vegetables for your pet, visit our Vegetable Facts page.

homemade dog food
We offer two basic varieties; Original Formula, which offers a wide variety of vegetables designed to satisfy your dog’s craving for great taste, and EZ Digest Formula, which contains great tasting, easy to digest vegetables for those dogs with a sensitive digestive tract.

Top Reasons why Bingo’s Bounty is the best for your dog:

• 100% all natural, human-grade
• 14 different vegetables and herbs offer superior nutrition
• Excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber
• No corn, soy, wheat, added salt or sugar
• No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or additives
• Easy to make – just add hot water!
• Perfect for home-cooked or raw diets
• Optimally balanced for a correct calcium to phosphorus ratio
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